Welcome to Gram's Diner in historic downtown Adams

Just Like Home

Gram's Diner is Adams's meeting place. The historic town of Adams comes alive each morning at 6 a.m., when the doors of the diner open and customers mosey in for a cup of coffee, breakfast and to catch up with one another. That sense of community, sharing and connecting over food, drink, and oftentimes desserts, keeps us coming back each and every day.

The diner at 13 Main St. has been around for dozens of years, formerly known as Fran's Restaurant and Marty's. Our place in the historic row buildings of downtown was carved out many years ago. However, the mission has always been the same: Serving people homemade food, at good prices, that makes them feel like they're eating just like they're at home. Like the sign on the wall says, which once hung in the landmark Woolworth's Department Store lunch counter in Watertown: "Two best places to eat, here and home!"

Photo by Amanda Morrison/ ©Watertown Daily Times/NNY Business Magazine

Photo by Amanda Morrison/ ©Watertown Daily Times/NNY Business Magazine

Meet The Owners

Chad Burdick

 Andrew Beckstead

Kyle Hayes

The veteran of the group, Chad has worked at Gram's for more than 15 years as a manager and quasi-pastry chef. That phenomenal carrot cake on the dessert board? That's Chad's doing. He grew up south of Adams in Central Square and moved to our little town when his parents bought Gram's in the early 1990s. He's been there ever since and is responsible for many of the positive changes made throughout the years. During the mornings and afternoons, you might see him buzzing up and down Route 11 and Main Street to local businesses on food deliveries. If you see the car with the Gram's Diner sticker on the back, don't forget to wave!  

Most days, you'll find Andrew in the dining room. He's the friendly face that greets you at the door or clears the plates off your table when the place is packed. Andrew grew up just outside of Adams and spent time, during his professional career, in various parts of New England. Moving back to the area more than a decade ago, he retired from his career in corporate America to bring things to the local level and get to know each customer who walks through the front door, whether it's the first time or their fourth time that day. Strike up a conversation or just stop in and say, "Hi," but don't forget to ask what his best bud, Birmingham, a Weimaraner, is up to.  

At 16, Kyle started working at Gram's as an after-school dishwasher. Even as time went on, Kyle kept coming back to his favorite hole-in-the-wall and worked during every college break or free weekend he could find to make the drive back from St. John Fisher College in Rochester. Now, at 26, you'll find Kyle in the kitchen keeping food steadily moving out to customers or wandering around looking at his iPad for new ideas to bring to the weekly specials sheet or menu board. Formerly a magazine editor for NNY Living magazine, Kyle's also responsible for the picturesque Instagram and Facebook photos that get your mouths watering every day.