We are currently hiring for:

Breakfast/Lunch line cook

Dishwashers (daytime and evenings)

Line Cook: 

We're looking for an experienced, dependable and attentive line cook for breakfast and lunch shifts.

Email us if you:
-Have experience and are comfortable cooking breakfast in a fast-paced environment
-Are clean, both in your work and personally
-Able to work quickly, but effectively and efficiently
-A quick learner
-Able to think on your own and answer your own questions
-Are a team player. No one likes a showboat.

We'll guarantee you full-time hours and competitive wages.

Think this sounds like you? Email us.


We are looking for dishwashers for various shifts that are quick on their feet and willing to take on a multitude of tasks.

Email us if  you:
-Are a fast learner
-Are dependable, will be on time for shifts and ready to work
-Are able to think on your own, answer your own questions and are willing to complete various tasks necessary for keeping things running smoothly in both the dining room and kitchen areas

Think this sounds like you? Email us.