Reflections: 2014


There are few times like this photo. A dark, quiet diner. A cup of hot tea and a moment to look around and ponder. But moments like this are necessary. 

Our second year in ownership of Adams' hometown diner has been one for the record books. We've pushed ourselves, our imaginations, our employees and we've pushed each other. All in the name of building a business that not only brings pride to our community but also allows us to go home at the end of the day, proud of what we've built and accomplished.

This past year seemed like a blur but we're beyond smitten with everything we've accomplished, the limits we've pushed and the pride we've injected back into our business and our community. So thank you to everyone who made it a stellar 12 months, our families, friends, customers, and all of those customers who've become part of the Gram's family.   

The only question remains: how will we make 2015 even better? For that answer, you'll have to stay tuned. 

Happy New Year, 

Kyle, Chad & Andrew