Pardon our dust ...

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If you notice a few things in disarray around the restaurant in the coming weeks, don't worry. We're making some improvements! 

First up, we're reupholstering all of the booths in the dining room. After more than a decade of wear-and-tear, it's time they needed a face lift. So no more worrying about losing a child in the hole at Table 7, or catching your jeans on a spring at Table 4. We'll have all new booths within the next few weeks.  

Our other most recent improvement is something less visible, but no less important. We've had more ductwork put in to improve the heating of the dining room.

It's never fun in February, when it's below zero, to see customers sitting in the dining room shivering, with their coats on. So we're going to avoid that this winter by making sure our furnace is working efficiently and heat is evenly distributed throughout the restaurant. No more shivering, no more snow suits in the dining room!

So for the time being, pardon our dust and if we happen to be a table short during your visit, we apologize for the inconvenience. We're sure that these improvements will pay off in the long run.